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WASCA Promotional and Scholarship Programs

Promotional Fund Program

The purpose of the Square Dance Promotional Fund Program is to provide financial support to the WASCA Member Clubs and Club sponsored dances that are in financial need. Funds are to be used solely for the purpose of the promotion/improvement of the Square Dance Movement - to include: Square Dancing, Round Dancing, Clogging, Lines & Contra. The following types of financial support could be submitted using "WASCA'S PROMOTIONAL FUND APPLICATION" form.

This Program is managed by a "Square Dance Promotional Committee" consisting of three Board Members appointed by the President. The Vice-President acts as the Chairman of the Committee.

Requests for funds must have merit and contribute to the purposes, as stated above. If you need help with the Promotional Fund application process, please contact the Vice President directly. Requests for funds are to be submitted to the Chairman of the Committee at or the completed form may be mailed to the Vice President at the address printed in the WASCA Calls 'n' Cues publication on the inside cover page. Callers, Cuers, Prompters and other personnel financially compensated for their dance services are not eligible to apply.

Each request is judged solely on its own merit by the Committee and is submitted to the Board with recommendations for approval or disapproval. At the Board meeting of November 9, 2008, a maximum issuance of $75.00 per request was approved.

WASCA's operating funds are limited and therefore financial support to Member Clubs must be evaluated on a case-per-case basis. As stated above, any financial support must be considered temporary. It is not intended that WASCA funds be used to support a Club for an indefinite time. It is expected that Clubs will make every effort to become self-supporting and take necessary actions to correct their financial problem. Each approval will include a set dollar amount, up to $75.00, and if the Club feels they need additional funds, a new request form can be submitted. A maximum of 2 requests in a given fiscal year may be filed with the Committee.